ELI Housing
in San Francisco

English Language Institute has two campuses located in beautiful downtown San Francisco. There are many guest hotels and hostels near our schools. Most hostels offer free breakfast and wireless internet access. Many offer student discounts – make sure to tell them you will study at ELI!

Home stays are also a great option and help you practice your English outside the classroom. There are many families in San Francisco who enjoy hosting international students. Use the websites below to find a wonderful home stay family in San Francisco near ELI.

 Residence Hotels Near Downtown San Francisco:

Vantaggio Suites / 3 Convenient Locations: O’Farrell, Turk Street, and Cosmo

Orange Village Hostel / Dorm Rooms, Double Rooms, and Single Rooms available

Monroe Residence Club / Shared Rooms, Private Rooms and Suites available

Kenmore Residence Club / Single and Double rooms available with Shared Bath or Private Bath

USA Hostels / Short term and Long Term Rooms available